Cyber Center

Computer Information Systems: Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

  1. Prepare students with the cybersecurity principles, technical knowledge, and skills needed to protect data, computer systems, and networks.
  2. Explain different cybersecurity mechanisms to help ensure the protection of information technology assets and networks.
  3. Describe and apply appropriate ethical, security implications, and moral standards to modern computing environments and understand cybersecurity terminology
  4. Analyze and evaluate systems with respect to maintaining operations in the presence of risks and threats.
  5. Identify and use appropriate resources to stay abreast of the latest industry development tools, cryptographic systems elements, cyberspace activities, and techniques to reduce the cybersecurity risk by exhibit best practices or research findings.
  6. Determine appropriate data models to design database applications to enforce information integrity, security, and confidentiality by using SQL and Design principles.
  7. Describe the fundamental problem-solving techniques and overview of a scripting language to automate the administrative task and create an appropriate solution within the context of cybersecurity.
  8. Compare and contrast information security /assurance to deals with social, political, legal, and ethical issues within the organization and protect organization data.
  9. Evaluate network security solutions/Internet crimes/ or cloud computing methodology to prevent and detect intrusions.
  10. Discuss and evaluate network security solutions, Internet crimes, and cloud computing methodology to ensure security for their employees, customers, and asset.


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