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Cybersecurity Advisory Committee(CYB-AC)


The role of the Cybersecurity Advisory Committee (CYB-AC) is to provide input and guidance to the Department of Computer Science to achieve department mission by providing top-quality educational experiences to our students. The CYB-AC also offers guidelines for advancing the state of knowledge through cutting-edge research, hands-on experience, and finding solutions to critical societal challenges.

Advisory committee members also:

  • provide a communications channel between career education and the community;
  • stimulate public awareness of workforce education needs and contributions; and
  • serve as an advocate of research, higher education needs, and workforce education.

Advisory committee members also:

  • Provide a communications channel between career education and the community;
  • Stimulate public awareness of workforce education needs and contributions; and
  • serve as an advocate of research, higher education needs, and workforce education.
  • To review the College ’s information technology strategy or programs relating to new technologies, applications, and systems.
  • Provide suggestions and recommendations to ensure that students have a rich educational experience which will prepare them to better compete in research, higher education, business, and industry.


The Cybersecurity Advisory Committee (CYB-AC) consists of professionals from academia and industry. Based on nominations provided by CS faculty and CYB-AC members, the Department Chair appoints members to serve three-year renewable terms. The CYB-AC meets twice per year. These meetings may be face-to-face or Virtual or via conference calls.

It is particularly essential to have individuals with your knowledge and experience on our Cybersecurity Advisory Committee, for the continued quality and credibility of our Computer Information Systems and Cybersecurity academic programs. As a member of the Cybersecurity Advisory committee, you will be joining a group of peers dedicated to our mission of expanding educational opportunities and training to the students and communities.

If you are interested, please call or email:

Mr. Anthony Morris
Associate Professor of Computer Science.
Tel: 256-761-6311

The Cybersecurity Advisory Board is looking for:

Company leaders who are setting a technology strategy:

  • Educationist
  • Researchers
  • IT Directors
  • Cybersecurity legal/policy experts
  • Cybersecurity consultants
  • Cybersecurity researchers with physical security portfolios

Members are:

Dr. Ryan Leon Averback
Dr. Heng Wu
Dr. Tai Cleveland, DCS
Dr. Syed Raza, Director, Master Program and Institutional Effectiveness and Research
Mr. Anthony Morris, Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, Talladega College
Mr. Robert Thomas, Software Engineer
Mr. Quintin Latin, IT Director, Talladega College
Dr. Edgars Patani, MBA; DBA; ACUE, Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance, Talladega College
Dr. Jonathan U. Elimimian, MBA; Ph.D.; DBA, Dean, Division of Business Administration, Talladega College
Dr. Keith Ray, Chair, Department of Criminal Justices, Talladega College
Dr. Alison Brown, Dean, Division of Natural Science and Mathematics, Talladega College
Mr. Chrisopher Turner, IT Administrator, Talladega College
Ms. Pamela Calhoun, Assistant Director, Mc-Nair Program

Benefits of Serving on the Talladega College Cybersecurity Advisory Committee (CYB-AC) or Faculty Advisory Committee (CYB-AC/FAC)

Most of us reach a point in our careers where we need a new challenge and want to leave a legacy. A little change once in a while shakes up our lives and motivates our work. What better way to introduce change than to inspire change by serving on the Cybersecurity Advisory Committee (CYB-AC) at Talladega College. Committee members witness the impact of their offered advice, oversight, and support. Leaving a legacy that they will get to see in its development and often in its fruition if they continue their service from year-to-year.

Broaden your connections and build valuable networks.

The Cybersecurity Advisory committee tends to attract professionals and exciting people. By working on Cyber education issues that you care about, you’ll build valuable relationships with fellow committee members and their organizations. Your service enhances your reputation in the process, which makes you an eye-catching candidate to organizations seeking members with useful networks.

Gain expertise on complex global Cyber issues that are integral to business and the economy.

As the Cybersecurity Advisory committee member, you will gain expertise on salient needs, issues, and trends, as information is shared from organizations such as the National Security Agency, CAE- Cybersecurity Community, and the Department of Homeland Security. Familiarity in these fields sharpens your business acumen, helping to improve the organizations you already serve and solidify your reputation as a valuable leader. Additionally, this experience often proves a useful tool that attracts recruiting from future organizations.

Make an impact.

As a CYB-AC/FAC committee member, you will lead in the development of goals, outcomes, and identify the current needs in the field of Cyber or technology. You will have the opportunity to make suggestions and recommendations to improve the Computer Information Systems and Cybersecurity Curriculums hosted at the Department of Computer Science at Talladega College.

Talladega College Mission Statement

“Talladega College is an institution rich in history whose mission is to equip its graduates for the global community through academic excellence, moral values, community service, and professional development.”

Department of Computer Science Mission Statement

“The Mission of the Computer Science Department is to strive for excellence in creating, applying, and imparting knowledge in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems by providing the highest quality of education, research in collaboration with other funded programs, and services to the global community.”

Educational Objectives

Computer Information Systems – Produce graduates who are equipped to make valuable contributions to cybersecurity, design, develop, and produce the practice of computer science and business in related application areas, including Networking, Databases, cybersecurity, cyber operations, and the interface of computers and physical systems.

Financial Benefits

Cybersecurity Advisory/Faculty Advisory committee members are compensated for service. Members traditionally attend 2-3 meetings a year via conference call.



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