Cyber Center

Bachelor of Arts in Cybersecurity (BACYB)

Cybersecurity - Produce graduates who are equipped with knowledge and experience in Cybersecurity field to serve in today's competitive business environment by pursuing their cybersecurity careers such as incident response and business continuity analysis, information systems analysis, programming, network engineering, security analysis, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing or enterprise consulting.

Graduates of the Cybersecurity Program are expected to:

  • Describe defensive network architecture that uses multiple layers of protection.
  • Evaluate and apply Industry Tools to respond to cyber incidents.
  • Improve Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysis, Dissemination and Remediation
  • Evaluate and assess the use of technology to support cybersecurity goals and objectives
  • Participate in the investigation of cyber incidents and assist in the recovery of operations
  • Formulate, update, and communicate short- and long-term organizational cybersecurity strategies and policies
  • Demonstrate proficiency in communicating technical information in formal reports, documentation, and oral presentations to users and information technology professionals.

To learn more about the program requirements and curriculum pattern, click on the link below:

BACYB Course Sequences & Curriculum Pattern



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