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Bray, Bernard Leon (1971)

Professor of Politics and Public Administration
B.S., Indiana University;
M.S., Kansas State University;
Ph.D., University of Kansas.

Brown, Alison (1996)

Assistant Professor of Biology, Acting Chair, Department of Biology
B.A., Fisk University;
M.S., Tuskegee University;
Ph.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Burrows, John (1987)

Professor of History and Chair, Department of Humanistic Studies
B.A. and M.A., Samford University;
M. Div., Southern Baptist Theological
Seminary; Ph.D., Auburn University.

Cole, Leonard (1984)

Professor of Biology, Director of Office of Sponsored Programs
B.A., Talladega College;
M.S.T., Southern University;
Ph.D., Atlanta University;
post-doctoral study, University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Cook, Delois Beck (1991)

Assistant Professor of Communications
B.A., Talladega College;
M.A., University of Montevallo.

Drummond, Lawrence (1984)

Associate Professor of Biology
B.S., Mississippi Valley State University;
M.S. and Ph.D., University of Mississippi.

Grooms, Hayes (2007)

Assistant Professor of Accounting
B.A., Dillard University;
M.A., Central Michigan University
Graduate Studies, University of Georgia

Jotani, Kishor (1984)

Professor of Chemistry
B.S., Gujarat University;
M.S. and Ph.D., Saurashtra University.

Lindsey, Johnnie (1989)

Associate Professor of Communications
B.A., Miles College;
M.A., University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Long, Lisa (2001)

Assistant Professor, Chair of Social Work Department
B.S., Jacksonville State University;
M.S.W., University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, J.D.

Raza, Syed Qamar (2001)

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
B.S., Punjab University of Pakistan;
M.S., Punjab University

Reynolds, John (1979)

Professor of Sociology and Chair, Department of Sociology
B.A., University of Michigan;
M.A. and Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

Studdard, Margaret (2007)

Associate Professor
B.A., University of Montevallo
M.A., University of Alabama at Birmingham

Swain, Gladys M. (1978)

Associate Professor of Biology
B.S. and M.S., Tennessee State University.

Winsell, Keith A. (1999)

Associate Professor of History
B.S., Stanford University;
M.A., San Francisco State University;
M.L.S., University of Maryland;
Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles.

Wynn, William (2007)

Assistant Professor of Business
B.S. and M.S., Alabama A & M University
J.D., Birmingham School of Law



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The history of Talladega College began on November 20, 1865, when two former slaves William Savery and Thomas Tarrant, both of Talladega, met in convention with a group of new freedmen in Mobile, Alabama.

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